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October 27th, 2023

For home builders and property investors alike, understanding the key stages of home construction is imperative. At Empire 8 Property, we frequently assist clients in managing the process of building a new residence. In this guide, we’ll walk through the five fundamental phases of home building so you know what to expect. So let’s cover the five stages of building a house here in Victoria. 

Stage 1: Slab

This initial foundation phase involves:

  • Digging trenches to construct the subfloor
  • Installing steel reinforcement bars
  • Laying electrical conduits under the slab
  • Pouring the concrete base

The slab forms the structural foundation upon which the rest of the home is built. Proper waterproofing and drainage is critical here.

Stage 2: Frame

Framing gives shape to the home’s layout and rooms:

  • Erecting timber or steel structural members
  • Defining interior walls and exterior frame
  • Adding roofing skeleton and trusses

Your floorplan comes to life as the frame takes form.

Stage 3: Fixing

Fixing includes installing many functional components:

  • Electrical wiring and switchboards
  • Plumbing of water and drainage pipes
  • Ductwork for heating/cooling systems
  • Insulation in walls and ceilings
  • Interior framing for wet areas

Stage 4: Lock-up

Lock-up seals the home’s shell and includes:

Doors and window frames fitted

Exterior cladding or brickwork

Roofing fully installed

Garage door fitted

Exterior paint and finishes

This waterproofs the home so interior works can begin.

Stage 5: Final Fit Off

The final stage transforms a shell into a livable home:

  • Installing kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes
  • Tiling, carpeting, flooring
  • Painting and interior decor
  • Landscaping yard
  • Connecting services

Once the local council approves final inspections, your home is complete!

We Can Support Your Construction Expedition

The process requires diligent project management and oversight. Empire 8 Property is here to help at every stage – from finding land to the final handover. Contact us today to bring your ideal home to life.