6 Professional Experts That Every Property Investor Should Have In Their Team.

July 28th, 2020

Property investment does not have to be complicated or risky. If you have the right team then you can really have great success:

  1. A Good Property Consultant – Having a good property consultant is the key to investment property success. AProperty Consultant will help you find good properties that you could invest in based on your situation. They spend a lot of time looking at different properties.
    They have a good understanding of what is happening in the market. So, it makes it very important that you have good relations with experienced and qualified professional property consultants to avoid any pitfalls that you might run into when purchasing a new property.
  2. A Qualified Mortgage Broker – A good mortgage broker can actually give you personalised service according to your situation. They will help you with trying to find the best finance from different banks. Experienced mortgage brokers also have more capability of handling complex financial situations rather than going directly to the banks.
  3. A Property Tax Accountant – An experienced Tax accountant will help you claim tax deductions legally possible. The money you save from your tax could be put into your next investment property or help you cut down on your mortgage faster.
  4. Property Manager – A good property manager will ensure that your property is rented most of the time and the properties kept in a good condition by making regular checks and getting good quality tenants.
  5. Financial Planner – If you are planning to use your Superannuation into an investment property purchase, a financial planner will help you in putting the right strategy in place for your long-term goals and help you meet all compliance requirements.
  6. A Conveyancer/Lawyer – AConveyancer or a property lawyer looks after the legal aspects of a property transaction. They make sure that your legal rights are protected and help with a smooth property transaction.

Wishing you all the success in your Property investment Journey!