80% of Australian Don’t Have Enough Retirement Fund | Property Investment in Melbourne Trivia

September 1st, 2020

Did you know? 80% of Australians when they retire do not have enough money to fund their retirement because we are living longer. The pensions are not that great. And one of the major things which is in our control is that we never planned for over retirement. We just spend the money.

We never took the time to see what’s coming in the future. So that is something that’s in your hand. And I will tell you another stat, 50% of the Australian families have to sell their family home, just for them to just survive after retirement because the pension is not done enough. And there’s if someone supports you that’s great, but if they’re not, then of course you have to spend money on your medications, your lifestyle, your food, and all those things.

They don’t stop, inflation doesn’t stop. So you need to prepare for your retirement and the time is now if you’re earning, you’re working, you should start looking at the options, how you can retire comfortably and not having to rely on a government pension or having to sell your homes or being that at that time.

So please take the time for yourself. Please do yourself a favor, ask questions from friends, families, professionals in the area that you want to build your wealth in properties our recommendation. But you think about yourself and come up with your plan. 

Thank you.