Investment Property Strategies – Build or Look For a Great Team to Help You Start Your Investment.

December 11th, 2023

Having the right team in place is crucial for successful property investors looking to grow their portfolios. Yet most investors in Australia do not make it past two investment properties. A key reason is not having adequate support to navigate important aspects like financing, finding deals, taxes, and wealth management.

To truly thrive, you need to surround yourself with specialized experts – not just any old broker, adviser, or property manager. Empire 8 Property emphasizes the importance of cultivating an all-star lineup. This dream team should demonstrate these qualities:


  • Deep knowledge and qualifications in their field


  • Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals

Proven Track Record

  • Evidence of getting clients the intended outcomes

Assembling the Avengers of property investing may sound daunting. But it’s non-negotiable if you seek to build a sizable, prosperous portfolio. The right pros save you time, money, and headaches while accelerating growth. They provide insight you lack as an individual.

Action Items for Putting Together Your Crew

Take an assessment of what roles you need to fill. Common members include:

  • Finance broker – For securing funding
  • Buyer’s agent – For finding undervalued properties
  • Accountant – For optimal tax strategy
  • Property manager – For effectively maintaining assets
  • Financial planner – For big picture planning

Research top contenders in your area for each position. Check credentials, read reviews, ask for referrals. Meet to ensure a good personality fit.

Be clear about your objectives and expectations. Choose people as invested in your vision as you are.

The payoff is well worth the upfront effort – Empire 8 Property maintains a robust support squad key to generating over $888 million in property transactions. With the right team at your side, the sky’s the limit. Let the empire-building begin! Call now for more information!



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