Build a Multiple Property Portfolio with Empire8 Property Investments!

December 3rd, 2020

Dear Friend,

So you’re interested in growing a property investment portfolio?

If yes, then the message in this eBook is crucial to your success.

Because you are about to discover how to go from just a single investment property to a portfolio of multiple properties…

In fact, with the simple secrets, I will reveal in this eBook, one can grow a portfolio of maybe 0 or 1 properties into a portfolio of 4 or 5 or even more.


Simply because when it comes to building wealth through property investment, often the golden rule of the board game Monopoly applies whoever has the biggest portfolio, wins.

property investment

Unfortunately, taking your investment from one to a number of properties takes the kind of effort most people aren’t just ready to put in.

It requires the kind of action they are not just ready to take.

And it requires the knowledge they aren’t ready to acquire.

That explains why the huge majority of property investors in Australia own only 1 or 2 properties. 


You aren’t like every other property investor. And that’s why you’ve sought out this eBook today.

In fact, getting this eBook tells me one thing: 

You’re doing what the majority of investors don’t do; you are educating yourself! 

It also tells me that you are an action taker; 

You’re ready to acquire the knowledge needed to grow a property portfolio; 

And you’re ready to put in the effort required.

So congratulations for taking this extremely important step. 

Now, before I dive into how anyone can grow his property portfolio…


There were these twin brothers with the last name Monday. So much alike but so different in one way.

Both graduated from college at the same time. 

Both were filled with an ambitious dream for the future.

Both had gone to work for the same corporation but in different states. 

And both, it turned out, are earning the same amount in monthly salary.

A long time ago, both brothers were together talking about how to secure their financial future and that of their families.

Each of them understood that property investment is one of the safest and most lucrative ways to achieve and grow wealth.


go into property investment

Both had bought their first home at the same time.

And both had made a promise to themselves that they would soon accumulate enough wealth to retire early and begin to enjoy the freedom lifestyle.

 Fast forward 25 years, when we find the Monday Brothers in their home town for a family reunion…

The Brothers chat over a glass of wine and discuss their progress.

There we still very much alike. 

Both brothers were happily married. Both had two children under the age of 20. And both still own their family home. 


While one has semi-retired and is travelling around the world enjoying financial freedom thanks to the residual income, he’s generating…

…the other was still working and struggling to make ends meet.

“What did you do differently?” asked the Brother who was still working.

“Well”, replied the other Brother.

“Shortly after we got our family home, I heard that it is very difficult to achieve financial freedom off just buying your home. 

So, I sought information on how to start my investment portfolio.

And I used what I learned to get my first, second, third and fourth investment properties.

My portfolio started to grow since then. And right now, I have 5 properties in my portfolio.

And that is why I’m able to generate enough money to pay my kids’ education, travel around the world, help the community and enjoy a financially secure lifestyle”

“Oh”, said the other Brother.

financially secure lifestyle


But I did not take it seriously because I thought that owning large investment portfolios is reserved for already rich people.

I was also scared of increasing my mortgage…

…not being able to afford the monthly commitments…

…how hard it would be to find and manage tenants…

…paying too many taxes and, above all, being scammed and losing my money.

And that’s why I didn’t make any effort to acquire any investment property. In fact, I have no knowledge about how investment property works.

I didn’t even try to find out how to grow an investment portfolio and now I kind of wish I had.”

“Hmm”, said the successful Brother,

“That’s a shame.

Pity you can’t turn back the clock, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is a great pity,” said the other Brother who then disappeared back into the reunion, no doubt seething with regret.

The successful Brother relaxed in his chair and had another sip of wine.


First, to let you know that the difference between those who own zero or just one investment property and those who own 4 or 5 isn’t money or luck.

And it isn’t that one person wants wealth and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge

And that is why I wrote this eBook: to give you and people like you knowledge

The knowledge you can use to grow a portfolio of multiple investment properties.

And in the process:

  • secure your financial and lifestyle goals
  • build wealth and financial security.
  • have enough inheritance to leave for your kids
  • pay your kids college so that they won’t start off life with students debt
  • legally reduce your tax bill and pay off all your debts

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and…


I’m Manish Azad from Empire 8 Property Investments.

People who know me personally have tagged me as the “property investment expert”

I guess that’s true…because I teach people the ins and outs of property investment.

But that does not mean that I’m the typical property investment guru who sells hyped up over-priced how-to-buy-a-property-with-no-money-down courses.

Even though I could make a lot of money selling that kind of stuff, I prefer to make my living doing what I teach & educating others about the property.

That explains why I’m a full-time property investment consultant and love helping people build a property portfolio.

Over the past 5 years, I and my team have helped over 50 people to get started in property investment. 


And I’ve also helped experienced investors to grow to get more properties by leveraging their current situation.

Some examples of our clients :

“Jonathan went from 3 properties to 6 properties.

Refused lending by banks Sam and Sally went from zero Investment properties to 2 properties in just six months. 

Cameron and Nisha used their hidden equity to invest in their 2nd investment property.

Vishal bought his 1st investment property as an investor even when he had given hope of buying any property.”

I’m not saying all these to praise myself

But – to get you to listen to me – and most importantly, act on what I’m about to show you, I can demonstrate to you my experience in this industry. 

In spite of all these achievements listed above, it’s likely you’ve never heard of me. I’ve kept a very low profile.

In fact, I’ve been too busy helping my private clients to build a strong and sustainable investment property portfolio.

So if you’ve never heard of me before, it isn’t your fault.

Now that we’ve got this introduction thing out of the way…


investment property

…and become widely successful like my clients.

But before I give you these steps, I need to know if you are the right person for this kind of information.

So pay attention. 

This is NOT for you if… 

You want to magically become a millionaire investor as soon as tomorrow morning. 

You feel happy with living paycheck to paycheck all your life or happy with zero or one-two investment properties. 

You are not ready to act or at least listen to advice from our panel of experts. 

On the other hand, if… 

You wanted to build a sustainable and profitable property investment portfolio.  

You desire to be in the top 5-10% of property investors in Australia.  

You want to be a proud owner of multiple investment properties.

You want to have more properties than your peers, friends and family member. 

You are ready to help others who cannot afford to buy their own homes. 


This may be for YOU! 

So take a look at…



grow your property investment

Contrary to popular belief, money isn’t the problem that stops property investors from achieving success.

Instead, it is the inability to devise a good strategy and an adequate plan of attack. 

This lack of strategy and planning is also the #1 reason 95% of investors only own 1-2 investment properties.

Put another way, developing a sound property strategy plans and implementing it with a team of highly experienced professionals is what supercharges your investment journey.

This is important because growing a property portfolio is very similar to growing a business and requires proper planning and execution.

You could also look at property investing and growing a portfolio as climbing a tall mountain. 

The investor is the climber while the peak of the mountain is his financial and life goals. 

The only way a climber can get to the peak is to sit down with someone who has climbed the mountain before and plan the details of his own climbing.  

This plan must consider the side of the mountain it will be easiest to climb from as well as the best climbing tools to use.

And if it’s not done properly, the climber will find it hard or even impossible to reach his goals, which in this case is the peak of the mountain.

The same thing happens in property investing. The only way to have success in it is by developing a detailed strategy and plan based on your priorities, goals, and commitments.

So if you want to grow your portfolio, it is very important to find a team of property investment experts who will work with you to come up with a strategy…

…plus a well thought out professional plan that will be custom-tailored to your unique circumstances.

This will not only give you an unfair advantage over other investors in the marketplace but also ensure that you hit the ground running and fast track your results.

track your results


grow your portfolio

One of the most important aspects of property investments is financing.

That’s because even all of the property investment plans and strategies in the world won’t compensate for the inability to get funding for the property purchase.

Unfortunately, financing is also the most daunting aspect of the property investment process. 

Luckily, there are several financing options available. Turning to a banking institution to establish a mortgage, using private Lending & Hard Money Loans and taking the all-cash route to name but a few.

But make no mistake: not all of these options are good for everybody. And that’s why having a good investment finance strategy is important.

Using a well-planned finance strategy to build your property portfolio can shave years off your mortgage. 

It can mean the difference between 1 investment property – and many many more leading up to an early and financially secure life.

In fact, the path you take in financing your investments can play a major role in your success as an investor.

People, who don’t know this, make costly mistakes when they are more concerned about whether or not they’ll receive ample returns than whether or not their financing strategy is suitable. 

To avoid this, you have to get an expert who will work with you to create the right investment finance strategies that are essential for your success…and help you to navigate the complex process of obtaining finance for your investment purchases.

This expert should act as a personal advisor you can rely on. He will assess your borrowing capacity and cash flow management in order to help fast track your journey to your property investment goals. 

And he will help you navigate your financing options and make the right decision when building your portfolio.



For you to grow your property investment portfolio, you must acquire more properties. But this can’t be done without thorough research. 

Therefore it is important to work with experts or a team that understands the variety of factors that contribute to the profitability of owning and growing a property investment portfolio.

Such experts should be invaluable participants in every step of your property investment journey. And they should begin the whole process with an evaluation of the property market.

They should have extensive experience across the wide markets covering multiple market cycles and a diversified mix of property strategies. 

And most importantly, they should sit alongside you to assist, support and guide you to ensure you obtain the correct research data…

…and secure the right property in the right location for the right price, purchased with the right inclusions and under the most ideal negotiated contract terms for you.

This way, the team will remove all of the guesswork, the misinformation, market noise, media hype and the confusion around an avalanche of data to help you discover the real facts that allow you to make a well-educated decision.

They should also be able to research on any property you’re considering. This is known as preliminary due diligence, which is the first and most important step in the purchase of any investment property.

Through the process of due diligence, all aspects of a property are examined, and its value is determined. 

Poor due diligence will definitely affect your financial interests and your success in growing your portfolio. 

A comprehensive, and verifiable due diligence should take into account every data to help you discover the real facts that allow you to make a well-educated decision.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Verification of rental income and operational expenses 
  • Property location and rental demand
  • The environmental condition of a property and its financial implications
  • Property Survey and verifying issues of property title

  • The value of the property based on all data available 



If you want to grow your investment property portfolio, then you need an experienced settlements & Concierge team to guide you through the entire post-purchase process.

This will ensure that it goes as smooth as possible so that you can be confident in your investment purchase.

This team should:

  • Arrange purchase contracts
  • Provide you and all Third Parties with contract copies
  • Keep communication lines moving on finance preparation & approval status
  • Give instruction and advice on deposit payment information to completion/settlement
  • Track progress of build and development progression
  • Give guidance on handover process steps and settlement possession
  • Liaise with property manager post-handover regarding securing tenants and rental income.



For you to grow your portfolio, it needs to be well-managed and reviewed from time to time.

An Investment Portfolio Review is an examination of your investments to discover and fix any weaknesses that may be robbing you of the performance you need to achieve your financial goals. 

You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘if you take care of your money, it will, in turn, take care of you’. The same thing applies to investment properties.

That’s why it is critical that you have regular reviews with an experienced team to talk about the performance of your current properties and keep you on track towards your long term goals.

The portfolio review team you choose should be able to:

  • Provide you with an update on the performance of your properties
  • Discuss changes to the property market, what you need to be wary of as well as where there are opportunities for you.
  • Provide further education regarding the market and the industry
  • Identify if you are ready for your next investment strategy and start planning.
  • Give you a report that specifies their investment recommendations
  • Write a detailed technical report about the recommended properties that shows how it has performed historically among other things
  • Answer all your questions about what they’ve recommended to you
  • And give you a detailed and ordered action plan to guide your implementation of their recommendations


wisdom from Lau Tzu

Let me explain this step by presenting you this ancient wisdom from Lau Tzu:


In other words, if we don’t take action, nothing happens. 

In fact, just knowing the steps listed above is completely useless.

You must put everything you learn into practice to get the results you want as far as growing your investment property portfolio is concerned.

That’s why when people often ask me why some Australian property investors fail at growing their portfolio and achieving the freedom lifestyle they desire…

I always tell them that it’s lack of action.

Action is the single most important thing you need to succeed in growing your portfolio to the level you want.

And I’m VERY CONFIDENT that when you take action to see that all the steps above are implemented… you’ll soon grow a large portfolio of investment properties.

One that will allow you to secure your financial and lifestyle goals…

…build wealth and financial security for your future…

… have enough inheritance to leave for your kids…

…and legally reduce your tax bill and pay off all your debts.

tax bill and pay off


Are you ready to act and to grow your property investment portfolio?

Would you want to go from just Zero or 1 investment properties to a portfolio of 3, 4 or even 5 and beyond?

If yes, then my team and I would love to help…just like we’ve helped a lot of our clients.

And we will start by giving you access to a No cost 45-minute Strategy session. 

In this obligation free session, we work one-on-one with a few ambitious investors to build and grow their multiple property portfolios. 

Once you register for a Strategy session today: 


  1. Our highly experienced professionals will supercharge your investment journey by helping you to develop and implement sound property strategy plans.


  • We will tailor the strategies to your unique lending circumstances to ensure you hit the ground running and fast track your results with a well thought out and professional plan. 
  • And it doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time investor, a young family looking to get into property investment…



…a person whose life has experienced change and you need help to get your finances on track…

…or you are already an investor but need expertise and access to different markets, our team can help you to reach your goals.


2. Next, we will help you to navigate the complex process of obtaining finance for your investment purchases by giving you access to our Independent Highly Qualified Finance strategists.


  • The advantage of dealing with these finance advisors is that we are all on the same page when it comes to your finances and your property goals.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the investment market and large network of contacts will help secure the best deals
  • We will also develop strategies that are essential for your success and help you to access your borrowing capacity and cash flow management in order to help fast track your journey to property investment success.

3. Because growing your property portfolio includes buying new properties, our Research and Acquisitions team will always be with you.

  • We will actively sit alongside you to assist, support and guide you to ensure you obtain the correct research data for acquiring new investment properties.
  • We will give you the full picture of the market and identify properties that will enhance your investment strategy. 
  • We will give you advice on selecting the right properties and the best way to approach the vendor in order to secure the acquisition.
  • And we will access every detail and most risk. This way, we’ll remove all of the guesswork, the misinformation, market noise, media hype and the confusion around an avalanche of data so you can discover the real facts that will allow you to make a well-educated decision.
  • From the onset, we will show you the steps you should take and the risks to be avoided. We will give you advice in each phase and perform a quick and thorough due diligence of both commercial and technical aspects.
  • And finally, we will use our strong negotiation power and broad experience to help you to secure the right property in the right location for the right price, purchased with the right inclusions and under the most ideal negotiated contract terms for you.
  • The advantage of working with our team at this stage is that they have extensive experience across Australia-wide markets covering multiple market cycles and a diversified mix of property strategies

4. After doing all we can to bring every property investment transaction to a positive conclusion, our Settlements & Concierge team will guide you through the entire post-purchase process to ensure it is as smooth as possible…so that you can be confident in your investment purchase.

  • As part of the process, the team will arrange purchase contracts, provide you and all Third Parties with contract copies and keep communication lines moving on finance preparation and approval status
  • We’ll also give instruction and advice on deposit payment information to completion/settlement, track progress of build and development progression, give guidance on handover process steps and settlement possession and liaise with property manager post-handover regarding securing tenants and rental income.
  • At all times, the Settlements & Concierge team will be there as a contact point to answer your questions – or to liaise with the Third Parties involved in the process so you can be satisfied that your property purchase is being completed as efficiently as possible.

5. Finally, we will provide you with ongoing portfolio reviews so you can quickly discover and fix any weaknesses that may be robbing you of the performance you need to achieve your financial goals. 



Right now, you’re probably thinking…

“Manish, how can I be sure that you and your team can help me to start or grow my property portfolio?”

And it’s not only you. 

Every now and then, people ask to see proof that the property investment tips, secrets, strategies and support we offer our clients work!

I get it.

After all, it’s easy for anyone to claim amazing results. 

But the real proof is in the actual results our clients are getting, right? 

That’s why, instead of saying “Trust me,” I’d rather show you the kind of results we helped people to achieve.


Sam and Sally, a very good couple with one dependent are other clients that we’ve helped. 

When they came to us, they already own a home and had one investment property. They also wished they owned more investment properties, but they weren’t willing to invest in another property because, according to them, it would affect their lifestyle.

What we did was to educate them that growing their property investment portfolio doesn’t mean that they have to go frugal, sacrifice their current lifestyle or start working harder.

We educated them that if done right, getting more properties will actually help them to get a better lifestyle and start earning certain kinds of income later in life.

In the end, we were able to get our team, a tax accountant, a mortgage broker and a financial planner to work together to design an investment strategy, based on their cash flow and capital growth. Finally, we were able to secure two more investment properties in Melbourne for them

Now they’re happy because they have a total of 4 properties. And they have started recommending other people to us – including their children who are already old enough to pursue property investing.


We also helped another couple Elizabeth and Vincent both of whom are health professionals. 

These two hard-working partners had been trying to invest in property, but due to some circumstances or bad advice, they were not able to get started.

In fact, before they came to us, they had met many other people from different investment companies. Unfortunately, none of them was able to explain the whole process in a way that they will understand it. So they ended up getting stuck in a situation where they couldn’t invest.

Luckily for them, they saw one of our ads and responded. Then we sat down with them, educated them on everything they needed to know about property investing, restructured a few things for them, secured good financing for them and also got them property within their equity.

After that, they declared interest in buying another property under SMSF and we hooked them up with our financial planners who were able to guide them through the whole process.

So in a very short span of time, we were able to help them get two investment properties, one in Melbourne and the other in Bendigo. 


Another client Vishal, we’ve helped is a family who just immigrated to the country.

The family was earning a good single income because one of the partners had a good job as an IT professional. And they wanted to buy their own home but couldn’t afford to buy in their area of choice. 

Fortunately for them, they talked to their friends who advised them to start their property investment journey and referred them to us. 

When they came to us, we educated them on how property investments work; the difference between buying a home and securing an investment property and why, considering their situation, it is better for them to go for the latter. 

As with most other clients who are new to Australia, we got them a good tax accountant who explained to them how the tax structure and other related stuff work.

Once they understood how everything works, they had a clear vision and finally made up their mind to invest in properties.

And finally, we helped them to secure a good investment property which is now helping them to build wealth.


Tania, a health professional bought his first investment thanks to our help.

When she came to us, she had a sizable amount of money in her savings. But she was confused about what to do with the money. Should she buy a home with it, invest it in properties or leave it in the bank? 

After accessing her situation, we understood that she was still very young, and she had no husband, kids or family of his own yet. So, we advised that she should not leave the money in the bank since a savings account has a very low expected rate of return. Not to talk of the fact that savings depreciate the value of money over time.

We also advised her that it’s better for her to start investing in property rather than getting a mortgage for her own home, as a single person.

After receiving these pieces of advice from our team and after a few weeks of considering the options available to her, Tania decided to get started with property investment.

Then our team helped her to find a good investment property that matched her need and budget. We also helped her to navigate the complex process of obtaining finances, negotiating the deal, and securing the property.

And right now, she has her first investment property and is already speaking to us about getting another one.


Raghavendra, another client of ours is a bit older in age and had never invested in property before. He was also a little bit conservative, didn’t want to take too much risk and didn’t want to spend too much money on any form of investment.

Because of this, we had to find some properties in areas where there are population growth and the rental demand is high, but property prices are still lower than the average market prices.

In the end, we were able to secure an investment property for him in a place like Bendigo and at a price much less than 300,000.

This kind of deal is very very rare in today’s property market. But we have helped this client and so many others to get it after educating them and understanding their situations.


Another client who recently purchased an investment property through us is a couple who had already bought a home and has a family.

They had also made an investment through their superannuation, which was done with some other company before someone recommended them to us.

During our initial discussion, we discovered that they were already OK with that single investment they had. But we still went ahead to interview then and found out their situation and what they really wanted. 

We were also surprised that the previous company they worked with didn’t help them to invest in property which was a better option for them.

After educating them, they decided to give property investment a try. So we got our team of professionals to help them with every aspect of the process. 

The financing aspect was a little bit difficult and not straightforward, but with the help of these experienced professionals, we were able to secure a loan that got them a very good investment property.


In fact, the main reason for telling you about these people is to let you know that with the guidance of a team like ours, you can purchase your first investment property or grow your existing portfolio.

That being said let me ask you this…

Would you like to achieve similar or even better results than these clients listed above?

How about going from just zero or 1 investment properties to a portfolio of 4, 5 or even more properties?

I know that’s the kind of result you want & our team can help you to achieve it.

But before I tell you how to get our team to help you, let me first give you a warning that my lawyer mandated me to write down here.

DISCLAIMER: The success stories above are 100% true and we can provide proof for you if wish to verify. Unfortunately, it would be unreasonable to assume that everybody can achieve the same results as those clients. The client’s names have been changed for privacy reasons.

In other words, the success stories are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success when it comes to property investment depends on his or her situation, dedication, desire and motivation.

So before coming to us for help, you have to understand that we will do all the hard work for you. But you still have to take action to implement what we will recommend for you.

In fact, if you come to us for help and we discover that you’re not an action taker, we won’t even agree to work with you in the first place.

But I believe that you’re an action taker and would be ready to do your own part to achieve your goals of building wealth. 


First, you will need to fill in an application.

It’s a simple and short form and will take something like 45 seconds to complete.

It’s just important that we know a few basic details about you and your goals.

And don’t worry; your information will be strictly confidential.

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it and contact you via email or phone within 24 business hours to schedule our face-to-face consultation with our team.

If after educating you on everything you need to know, you see the value in working with our team to achieve your property investment goals, then fantastic!  We can discuss that at the meeting.

And remember, if at that time you don’t want to work with our team, then that is perfectly fine too. 

We will just give you a step-by-step procedure on how to do everything by yourself.

Then we’ll wish you good luck and part as friends with absolutely no sales pressure at all.

Does that sound fair enough?


And trust me when I say; you’ll be thanking me for years to come.

Then click here to apply for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.


Manish Azad

Director / Senior Investment Property Specialist


Founder of Empire8 Property Investments

Suite 5, Level 2, 28-30 Young Street, Moonee Ponds VIC 3030

M: +61 433 213 993