They Don’t Want You to Know These 8 Secrets to Finding Your Dream Investment Property

February 15th, 2024


The current property market is red-hot, with historically low interest rates driving fierce competition between buyers. As an investor, it can seem almost impossible to find that diamond-in-the-rough investment property that checks all your boxes. But there are ways to get an edge.

In this article, we’ll share 8 insider tips to help you secure your dream investment property in today’s cutthroat market. Read on to discover the secrets that most investors don’t know.

Tip #1: Source Properties Suited to Your Needs

The first key is casting a wide net when searching for potential properties. Go beyond the mainstream listings and tap into insider networks to find hidden gems. Analyze each property carefully to ensure it matches your investment goals and preferences. The right property for you is out there, you just have to dig deeper to find it.

Tip #2: Reserve Quickly Before Properties Sell

In hot markets, great properties get snapped up fast. Be ready to move quickly to reserve your chosen property before someone else seizes the opportunity. Have your paperwork and finances in order so you can sign and pay deposits swiftly. Don’t lose your dream home due to hesitation – speed and decisiveness are critical.

Tip #3: Inspect Thoroughly, Including Builder Reputation

Vigorously inspect both the physical property and background details. If a display home is available, review it in person to assess quality. Thoroughly research the builder online to ensure strong industry reputation and positive history delivering other projects on time and on budget. Leave no stone unturned – your due diligence will pay dividends later.

Tip #4: Ensure No Hidden Costs in Turnkey Packages

Some investments advertise enticing “turnkey” deals covering all costs. But read the fine print carefully – there may be nasty hidden surprises or add-ons that erode your returns. Ask probative questions and understand exactly what is and isn’t included so there are no financial shocks down the track.

Tip #5: Review Contracts Carefully Before Signing

Scrutinize all contracts closely before committing your signature. Watch for ambiguous clauses that leave wiggle room or transfer risk in conceal ways. Request crystal clear terms and protections for your interests. If needed, engage an experienced real estate attorney to analyze the deal from a legal perspective so you know what you’re getting into.

Tip #6: Get Help Negotiating the Best Financing

Exploring today’s complex finance environment alone can leave money on the table and risk delays or rejection. Engage an expert buyer’s agent to broker financing, armed with insider tips and lender relationships. An extra half percent interest saved could mean tens of thousands in long-run savings. Their expertise pays for itself many times over.

Tip #7: Extend Clauses If Needed to Secure Financing

Even with the tightest planning, finalizing finance can hit unexpected snags that jeopardize your purchase. Build contract flexibility by negotiating expanded subject-to-finance clauses and extension provisions. This protects your deal if lender delays occur while keeping all parties at the table until you lock in funding.

Tip #8: Extend Settlement if Needed to Finalize Details

When down-to-the-wire problems threaten settlement, flexibility is key. Negotiate the option to push out the settlement timeline by a week or two if needed to tie up loose ends. This lowers stress and avoids rushed decisions, giving you time to check those final boxes. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the path to resolution stays open.

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