Maximizing Finance Options for Property Investing

December 20th, 2023

As strategic real estate investors ourselves, we understand the frustration that financing rejections can create when eager to launch your rental property dreams. However, we firmly believe one perplexing bank denial should never completely derail smart investment plans. Over our many years immersed in this sector, we’ve cultivated relationships with over thirty reputable lending institutions to help clients secure approvals through tailored solutions matching unique investor situations.

Primary Lending Sources

Navigating the nuances between various finance sources is key to overcoming restrictive barriers with traditional banks.

Major Banks

While large banks like Chase and Bank of America provide aggressive rates thanks to ample capital reserves, they also come with rigid qualifying criteria and bureaucratic frustrations. Even minor credit dings prompt stern rejection notices without clear explanation.

Regional Credit Unions

Local credit unions focus more on personalized services for community members allowing greater flexibility than big banks. However, their smaller asset bases cap overall lending capacity while membership eligibility limits accessibility.

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers access expansive investor marketplaces with numerous private funding channels. This enables extensive customization for trickier financial scenarios. However, some brokers overpromise without direct lending capabilities. Investors must vet reliability closely.

Portfolio Lenders

Portfolio lenders fund loans solely from their own reserves allowing much higher risk-tolerance since they hold mortgages directly instead of selling. However, their overall capacity still faces limitations compared to Wall Street-connected institutions.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans get secured against the actual real estate asset rather than borrower credit profiles. Quick and convenient but strict lending ratios with short durations make them better for rehabs instead of long-term rentals.

Customizing Your Approach

Cookie cutter lending rarely aligns with an individual investor’s nuanced financial and portfolio situations. The key is customization.

Vetting Investor Profiles

Our team thoroughly vets clients’ complete financial pictures including assets, incomes, debts, credit histories and property plans through our proprietary scoring system. This sets accurate expectations while identifying areas needing reinforcement.

Matching Lender Compatibility

We match investors to lending sources where their profile strengths best fit approval precedents and risk-tolerances established specifically by that institution. Aligning compatibility minimizes rejection chances.

Plotting Contingency Strategies

Mapping alternate lenders as contingency sources ensures investing pursuits won’t completely stall just because one lender denied an application. Backup capital options keep deals progressing.

Turning Barriers into Breakthroughs

In the end, obstacles simply represent opportunities in disguise. At Empire 8 Property, we make it our mission to turn financing barriers into breakthroughs so wealth-building dreams never get cut short. Our lending network offers creative solutions to keep your property investing goals in your control.

Carefully examining your complete financial picture and risk factors before financing rental properties is key, but expert guidance takes the guessing-game out of the process. Our dedicated advisors leverage our vast lender network to secure tailored approvals for unique investor situations. Through complimentary consultations, Empire 8 Property helps strategically shape your contingency plans, so one perplexing denial never stalls your wealth-building property goals. Let us customize winning capital solutions for your investing aspirations today!