Financial Planner

Get a Personalized Roadmap to Achieve Your Financial Goals

At Empire 8 Property, our financial planners work closely with you to create customized money management plans to help you take control of your finances and build long-term wealth.


Surya Kumar, Wantirna VIC

I came to know Mr. Manish Azad when he met me to understand my financial goals and provide advice. He was punctual and came across as a knowledgeable person in the real estate field in which I had limited exposure. He was courteous and asked all the right questions to understand my objectives. Manish was… Read more “Surya Kumar, Wantirna VIC”

Surya Kumar, Wantirna VIC

Our Services

We offer a range of financial planning services based on your unique situation and goals including:

★One-on-one consultations to understand your financial situation
★Assistance with budgeting, money management, and expense optimization
★Comprehensive financial planning for investments, asset allocation, and growth
★Guidance on taxes, insurance, wealth creation, and other financial topics
★Customized strategies to reduce risk and achieve your short and long term goals
★Ongoing support and advice as your needs change over time
★Access to our network of accounting, legal, and financial professionals
★Education at every step so you can make informed financial decisions
★Accountability and motivation to stay on track with your financial plan

Our overall focus is to educate and empower you at every step so you can make smart financial decisions. We also provide accountability and motivation to help you stay on track.

Why Clients Choose Us

★Want to take control of their finances but don't know where to start
★Need help getting out of debt and improving cash flow
★Require expertise to invest properly and build wealth
★Lack time or knowledge to create a financial roadmap themselves
★Seek unbiased guidance they can trust for the long term
★Want to educate themselves to make smarter money decisions
★Need motivation and accountability to achieve financial goals
★Desire comprehensive guidance encompassing all aspects of their financial life

Success Stories

Our Step-by-Step Process

Our proven planning process covers all key areas:

Financial Assessment

We review your full financial situation including expenses, income, assets, liabilities, etc.

Goal Setting

We help you identify and clarify short and long term financial goals.

Budget Creation

We create a customized budget and money management plan optimized for your goals.

Debt Reduction Plan

If needed, we build debt payoff strategies into your overall plan.

Asset Allocation

We advise you on optimizing your asset mix for growth and risk management.

Tax Planning

We look for ways to legally minimize taxes as part of your strategy.

Insurance Planning

We ensure you have proper insurance coverage for your situation.

Investment Guidance

We help you invest in a prudent, diversified manner tailored to your risk tolerance.

Estate Planning

We assist you in getting your estate planning documents in order.

Ongoing Advisory

We provide ongoing support, advice, reviews and adjustments over time.



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