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November 24th, 2023

We often get asked – “which areas are likely to see strong growth in property values?” Doing your own extensive market research takes time and expertise. But there is an easier way to identify up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Simply see where major developers are investing right now.

Big Money Bets Reveal Promising Opportunities

Major developers like Stockland spend millions building large-scale master-planned communities. They conduct in-depth market analysis to identify areas poised for both population and property value growth.

These developers only invest significant capital if they are confident of strong future demand. So their activity signals neighborhoods likely to outperform the broader market.

For example, Stockland has massive projects underway in areas like:

  • Cloverton, Victoria
  • Aura on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Altrove in Sydney’s North-West Growth Centre

New housing in these communities comes with full infrastructure – parks, schools, shops and transport. This attracts more residents and adds appeal for future buyers.

Leverage Expert Insights at No Cost

As a property investor, you can piggyback off the research of development giants.

Rather than dedicating your own time and money to identifying high-potential areas, simply look to where these companies are actively building.

Investing in or around a major new development means benefiting from future price growth they expect. Without spending months analyzing market data yourself.

We Can Help You Capitalize on Growth Opportunities

The team at Empire 8 Property stays close to all activity from leading developers. We can guide you to the right areas and even provide off-market access to stock before hundreds of buyers compete.

To explore exciting opportunities in Sydney’s North-West Growth Centre or other high-growth areas, book a strategy session with our buyer’s agency today! We’ll help you maximize your next investment through expert market insights.