Hallensteins Newly Developed Area | Property Investment in Melbourne Australia

September 10th, 2020

Hi guys. It’s Manish coming from Craigieburn today. Highlands estates in Craigieburn, one of the best or in the most popular States in Craigieburn and in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne very popular because of the design and all the facilities. Stock lands have been able to provide and I live here as well.

And it’s just beautiful out here in Craig, the purpose of this video is to show you how it all works out. So that’s how we love the building industry so much, or the property industry so much is if you look around all this area behind my back and I think to show together, maybe If you look at all the areas around here, see that’s all-new.

And you wouldn’t even believe that probably a year ago or 18 months ago it was a paddock. It was just someone’s farm and slowly and slowly, it starts to turn into blocks of land, and very soon you will see, I see a lot of houses coming up all through the area. So on the other side, if you look at it, they already have some houses coming up, and this is already staged 30 in the stock land States in Craigieburn.

So that means they’ve already delivered. 30 Stages in this highlands have stayed and they continue going up to, I don’t know, everything. We’ll still keep on expanding, as far as I know, I think they’re up to stage 35 or something like that. So it starts with almost nothing. So that’s the same with you.

You start with something small or nothing at all. You get the right education, you get involved with the right people and get the right kind of tools, and slowly and slowly, you sort of have an idea into reality. And very soon there will be lots and lots of families starting to live around this area. They will make a lot of memories.

And this is just like creating something out of nothing. That’s so amazing. Creation is always good. That’s you get creative, you find different ideas, you get the team together, you get the older people together and you make something magical. So this stuff is magical.

If you look at it, it’s we, we always take these things for granted. A lot of people make a lot of effort to bring these things together and make sure there’s as much less trouble as possible. And still, it’s a good win situation for the people who are selling it. And also people who are buying it.

So that’s how it all works the lot. So all the clots have been cut actually and see all, this is like a pathway and the drivers are already there. So very soon, these people, I think most of the lots here have been sold already, and they’re just waiting in this area for minutes. And then once they settle they will start to build their own homes to see all these are titled and ready to go to the building. This one is lot big block, 570-meter squares, it can be 300 meters to 500, 10,000 different. But the standard these days is if home 350 in this sort of area?

350 – 500 as well? Depending on different budgets and different circumstances. So the goal of this video is to show you have to start somewhere amazing things can happen. When we started we put action every day and all these things will come up.

Alright. So that’s all for this video. I hope you enjoyed the video and you got something out of it until next time I’ll come up with some other topic and some other video. 

All right. Thank you.