Invest Property

Invest in Property

‘How To Launch Your Property Portfolio In 2 Days Or Less Starting With A $1000 Deposit…Even If You’ve Never Invested Before And Have No Idea Where To Begin!’

Achieve a high-performing investment portfolio which provides you rental income every month with our proven investment strategy(valued at $297)

These Investors from Melbourne are already on their path to achieving financial freedom and you can too!

Many Australian families have always been worried about securing their financial and lifestyle goals. They do not know where to start and trusting some one with their investments always is a hard decision to make. Other companies that offer to help have been toopushy and short-sighted.

However, when they come across Empire 8 Property Investments and worked with Manish and his team of professional partners they are provided with a proven method of Property Investment which resonates with their goals and puts them on a course to Financial Freedom without having to give up their existing lifestyle.

The Ugly Retirement Reality!

Most Families in Australia will not have enough surplus money when they stop working and will need to increase their working years to keep supporting themselves and their families. They won’t have money to fulfill and live the life they always dreamt of…

No International trips after retirement, Unable to visit relatives abroad or never going back to your origin country to meet childhood friends, .. This is nit exactly what you had planned for your retirement.

Thankfully, there’s still time for you to put our proven and profitable property investment strategies into action before its too late! Don’t be one of those of people who never acted and are now thinking I should have bought 5 years ago, schedule your Free 45 Minute Consultation Session (Valued at $297)

What to Expect from 45 minutes tailored for you Session…

  • The Most Costly Mistake that can Destroy your portfolio: ​How buying now will save Thousands of Dollars and you’ll not end up buying the same property for more!
  • Our Closely Guarded “Property Investor Strategy”: This Strategy alone will allow you not to give up on your existing lifestyle and still set you on the path to Financial freedom
  • Finding the Most Profitable Real Estate Investments: Making sure that you buy the right property in the right area which turns into a Highly Lucrative Investment!

Achieve your Ideal Lifestyle by Securing your children future and your retirement through our proven property investment strategy (Valued at $297)

Sydney and Melbourne Property Prices could fall up to 30% due to coronavirus


No one in mainstream media would ever dare tell you that most millionaires are made during such recessions!

You can either Grow during this uncertain situation or let this situation talk you into Poor Retirement in years to come.

Media narrative just wants to scare you and put you off from buying investment properties. Don’t let them rob you of your chance at wealth!



Our Services are tailored for Australian investors helping them achieve Financial and Lifestyle Goals as we want you to retire rich and able to fulfill all your retirement

We always make sure that you don’t have to:

  • - Deal with Dodgy Property Consultants trying to make a sale without fully understanding Client’s circumstances and goals.
  • - Move with Pushy/Sleazy sales tactics without understanding what you are buying.
  • - Go to Big Banks that treat customers just as a number & fail to provide a personalized/tailored approach towards each client
  • - Feel left behind especially if your friends/family have built up a Property Portfolio.

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See How These Properties Can Grow Your Wealth Even in a Slow Market

100% Finance – Only $1,000 down!

60k Equity increase in only 15 months

60k Equity increase in only 15 months

Manish will give you a Roadmap to achieve the lifestyle that you want NOW through property investment, no matter where you are with your budget..

5 Simple Steps that you’ll be taken through working with us

  • “Situation Based Analysis” on your current situation and how much you can afford without giving up the luxuries that you have now
  • “Busting myths and Wrong Beliefs” in property investment by educating you on your Best available options
  • Guiding you in the right direction with financing and choosing the best Bank for you (our Independent Finance Partners makes sure you are headed in the right direction with Financing)
  • Making sure you “ Buy the Right Property” according to your Financial Situation.
  • “Stay in the Game Long term” : We review and grow your portfolio every year depending on market conditions and your ambitions