5 People You Need in Your Successful Investment | Basic of Property Investment | Investment Property

November 13th, 2023

Successfully building an investment portfolio relies on having the right professionals assist you along the journey. At Empire 8 Property, we function as just one part of the well-rounded team our clients require. In this guide, we’ll overview the key players that help set investors up for long-term prosperity.

Real Estate Agent – Finding Opportunities

A buyer’s agent is instrumental for sourcing suitable investment properties and negotiating the best price. With an agent’s extensive market knowledge, you can home in on off-market deals other investors may miss. Leverage their connections and expertise.

Mortgage Broker – Optimizing Finance

The right financing can make or break deals. An adept broker negotiates loan terms tailored to each purchase, sets up lending capacity for future deals, and helps structure finances in tax-efficient ways. Access to funding is paramount.

Tax Accountant – Maximizing Deductions

Utilizing tax deductions available to property investors minimizes expenses and unlocks substantial savings. A skilled accountant also offers guidance on structuring ownership of assets. Don’t leave tax money on the table.

Conveyancer – Facilitating Smooth Transactions

Conveyancers ensure you meet all legal obligations during purchases and sales to transfer ownership securely. Relying on their expertise prevents expensive oversights jeopardizing deals. Let them handle the paperwork.

Property Manager – Managing Assets

Once purchased, a diligent property manager takes responsibility for tenant management, maintenance, and regulatory aspects of your investments. This frees up your time to focus on high-level strategy.

We Can Help Assemble Your Team

With the right specialists surrounding you, the path to portfolio prosperity is clearer. Empire 8 Property helps investors connect with trusted finance, legal, accounting and property management professionals. To explore your options, contact us at 0433 213 993 or click here to request a consultation. Let’s get your dream team on board.