Land or House Development | Investment Property FAQs | Property Investment in Australia

August 21st, 2020

Hey guys, today we’re going to discuss one of the questions we get a lot from Some of our clients. What they say is, should I buy a land or a house in the first stage of development? It could be a land development or it could be like a townhouse development or other kinds of developments.

The reason they say that is because they want to see if any developers are giving some discounts or they are giving a better bargain because it’s the first step. They want to have more sales, which is true developers sometimes do offer they might have better pricing in the field stage because they have to prove to the bank.

They have some sales already and they also want to get some numbers going and spread the word as well. So definitely, they do things like that. However, it depends on a case by case basis not all of the time it will happen. It depends on a lot of other factors as well as market factors and other things.

But what you really want as a client or as a buyer is what you’re really looking at is what’s the best thing that you can buy at that particular point of time? There might be some loss in stage one, but they might not be very suitable for you, or they might not be in the right area or near the park or near a school or whatever, but stage four or five might be near a school.

So those kinds of things really matter. If you can get a bargain we should go for it. But it’s the only thing that you should focus on especially getting stuck on. I want to buy only stage one which sometimes is a bit hard and you might have to wait for six months but by that time the prices have already gone up.

It’s a good strategy, but you need to be here full of how he implemented and all you want is just make it better for you rather than work against you.

Thank you.