Olivine Estate View | Property Investment in Melbourne Australia

September 21st, 2020

Hey guys, another location, another blog, this is the state I’m Here all live in a state being done by Mirvac. They have one of the very big developers. So I thought I’ll give you a quick rundown of this beautiful estate that’s coming up on Donnybrook road. So you just really have to jump from the freeway, take an exit on Donnybrook road and you turn into this state, which is called Olivine the state in Donnybrook . 

So a lot of construction is already happening. They’re selling quite well. And I mean have sold quite a lot already and the construction is in full swing. So it’s very popular with the people who have kids because there’s going to be a new school that’s going to open up, which is called the “Hume Anglican grammar” which is one of the more popular schools out in Craigieburn way.

So they opened up a second branch here and it’s in demand. I think they would have already had many enrollments for that school because a lot of people want to put their kids into that school. So this is going to be a popular state as well. So that the best thing was to because they have the school coming in and for that reason, a lot of people want to buy for that in this state. 

That’s one of the best states as well again, it’s on Donnybrook road. If you go down have a look just drive past, and then you’ll find you will see what it is. So a lot of things are happening on this road and a lot of estates. If you need any help, just give me a call on (0433213993)

 Thank you.