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December 1st, 2023

Many real estate investors wonder if they should purchase property in the first stage of a new development to get the best price. Empire 8 Property helps clients weigh the pros and cons to make optimal decisions based on their situation. While discounts may be offered initially, several other factors matter more.

The Draw of First Stage

It’s true builders need to demonstrate sales traction to banks and generate buzz when kicking off projects. So they may provide incentives to early buyers via discounts, upgrades, or other perks. The ability to choose your exact lot or unit layout holds appeal as well.

Case By Case Basis

However, appealing opening prices or terms do not guarantee first-stage purchases make the most financial sense long-term. The property may not match your needs regarding:

  • Location
  • School catchment
  • Proximity to parks and amenities
  • Future resale demand

Just because a developer offers a deal upfront does not mean you must jump on it or that unit. Patience and a customized purchase to suit your lifestyle and goals takes priority.

If you want guidance on the latest developments and advice on finding the property that works for your budget and lifestyle, Empire 8 Property provides a free 15-minute consultation. We help clients balance bargains with buying exactly what they want where they want it.



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