Where My Passion for Property Investing Began | Empire 8 Property

December 29th, 2023

After years working a corporate job, I realized that a good salary alone was not enough to properly plan for my future family, free time, and long-term finances. This sparked exploring alternative wealth building opportunities that could generate passive income without requiring excessive hands-on obligations. Eventually, strategic property investment emerged as an ideal vehicle – one that aligned with my lifestyle while promoting smart growth.

Recognizing the Need to Supplement My Corporate Income

As a professional in my 30s, I held a well-compensating role and envisioned continuing the corporate climb over the next 30 years until retirement. While financially stable in the present, longer-term limitations of this single income source emerged:

Maximizing time off was challenging: Rarely could I disconnect for vacations or family without work creeping in. Business travel also ate into personal freedom. Continuing this pace for decades seemed daunting.

Income growth stagnated over time: While my starting salary rose steadily, increases tended to slow significantly after about 10-15 years service. Yet expenses and financial obligations would likely rise, especially with additions like a mortgage and children.

No ownership stake to build equity: I worked diligently for a corporation but had no claim in the exponential growth or sale value I helped generate. Instead, executives and shareholders realized immense wealth creation.

Clearly relying on a salary alone was not an optimal wealth-building strategy longer-term. Trading time for money limited how I could prepare financially for the future.

Discovering Property Investment as an Ideal Solution

These revelations motivated me to thoroughly research various investment vehicles and passive income sources that could supplement my corporate earnings. I analyzed options like stocks, peer lending, online businesses, and real estate.

However, after months of comparison, direct real estate investment stood out for having an ideal mix of cash flow, wealth building, tax advantages, limited oversight needed, and control over my investments.

Specifically, I could target 8-12% annual returns through owning and renting single family homes and small multifamily properties without requiring full-time oversight. This provided an enticing path to generate significant passive revenue.

And unlike digital businesses that might compete for my focus, property could largely run in the background with modest involvement. The model enabled staying committed to my career while assembling a foundation for the future.

Tailoring My Investment Strategy to Balance Lifestyle

An attractive element of real estate investing was the ability to customize based on my individual lifestyle needs, financial objectives, and evolving family plans:

  • Starting with 3-5 rental properties to validate the model and cash flow
  • Expanding over 3-5 years to 15-20 assets to produce meaningful passive income
  • Hiring a property manager to oversee day-to-day efforts
  • Utilizing considerable corporate earnings to repay mortgages faster
  • Reinvesting a majority of rental profits to acquire additional properties
  • Aiming to amass 50-75 paid-off units by retirement to fund that next phase

This measured approach enabled dipping my toe in rather than quitting my job to go all-in. I could test the viability of property investing without high risk exposure initially. Based on early returns and experience, I’d then systemize efforts and accelerate growth.

Now Helping Guide Other Investors’ Goals

After succeeding through my customized real estate strategy’s first few years, I made an exciting decision – launching Empire 8 Property to help other professionals explore successful investing tailored to their needs.

I work closely with clients to understand their income objectives, time commitments, and portfolio goals. No two investment plans look alike with Empire 8 Property. My passion is helping customize property portfolios around each individual’s risk factors and resources.

If you feel limited by a singular income source – or simply want greater control over your financial trajectory – I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation today to chat. Let’s explore how strategic property investing can align with your lifestyle and wealth plans for the future.