Attaining Passive Income: Harnessing Rental Properties for Financial Freedom

November 29th, 2023

Dreaming of a financially secure retirement is common, but achieving it takes strategy and effort. For Filipinos in Australia looking forward to their golden years, rental property investment could pave the way to the financial freedom we seek. With the expertise of a rental company like Empire 8 Property guiding your way, rental properties can become cash cows that fund a comfortable retirement.

The Prudent Strategy

Property investment works because of the power of leverage. You only need a 20% deposit to purchase an investment property worth $500,000. The bank funds the other 80%. But you get to collect 100% of the rental income. Over time, the rental income pays off your mortgage and the property becomes fully yours.

In the early years, expenses like mortgage payments and maintenance costs may exceed your rental income. But rental yields and property values usually rise over time. Within a decade or so, your rental property could generate thousands in positive monthly cash flow.

This supplementary “salary” goes straight to your pocket, to fund your retirement dreams or to reinvest in more properties.

Why Rental Income Beats Fixed Deposits

Parking your savings in fixed deposits generates paltry interest payments of 1-2% yearly. Rental yields range from 3-5% in most areas and can reach even higher. Investing $100,000 in a rental property at a 4% yield generates $4,000 in rental income yearly. The same $100k in fixed deposits earns just $2,000 or less.

Clearly, leveraging rental properties builds wealth faster. They also provide capital growth as housing demands and valuations increase over the next 20-30 years of your retirement. By then, your properties could be worth several times more than what you paid initially.

Finding the Right Rental Company

Traversing Australia’s massive property market as a foreigner is no mean feat. Rules, taxes, and paperwork vary across different states and territories. An experienced rental company guides you to smart investment locations catering to tenant demand.

As your property investment strategist, Empire 8 Property sources good rental deals in growth areas best suited for Filipino migrants. Their team handles all legal paperwork and compliance requirements around ownership structures and taxes. Lean on their expertise in property financing to fund future purchases.

Empire 8 Property screens tenant applicants extensively via background checks, employment verification etc. Handling maintenance issues, payment collection and keeping properties occupied is now their responsibility. You get to sit back and watch the rental income flow monthly. 

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Owning and managing investment properties is almost a full-time job. Smart investors instead pay a reputable rental company like Empire 8 Property to unlock the income potential in their assets. Liberated from mundane property matters, you’re free to pursue income growth in other areas.

Why waste time on rental property grunt work during your golden retirement years? By leveraging experts, your hard-won properties provide true set-and-forget passive income. You get to relax and enjoy financial freedom sooner than you ever imagined! Call today for more information!