Platform Estate View| | Property Investment in Melbourne Australia

September 14th, 2020

Hey guys today, I’m reporting it from a platform estate in Donnybrook. This is one of the new States that is coming up here. The best thing about this estate and which is very useful, pretty high in demand is the station is right next, right there. So only walking distance. Maybe it takes time, 30 seconds from here to get to the train station, which is like a V/line station at this stage.

But I’m very confident that it will go to a Metro station in a very short time period. So on my back is the whole estate here. So that’s where they’re going to cut up all the lots stage 1-2-3 are selling stage one almost sold out. And there’s only a few lots left.  This is one of them, one of the areas that is also booming.

So we got a Clover 10 state on the other side, and some all Wayne state on this side and some more as well that are coming up. So this area is also on the boom and it says a very. Good long term potential. So that’s why I’m here today. I was sourcing some property for one of our clients.

I was here, so I thought I’d make a quick video just to give an introduction to this estate. So the platform estate next to Clover Tennessee, if it’s just being done by a Stock land the best advantage of this one is the station just right there. Just on the other side of these houses is a train station.

You are just like 10, 20 seconds away from the station and walking. And so that way there’s very good potential. So if you are looking to invest or get into your own home, give me a (call 0433 213 993 ). I’ll be more than happy to help you out and work something good for you.

Thank you.