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At Empire 8 Property, our experienced property consultants provide personalized guidance to help you achieve your investment goals. With in-depth market analysis and a focus on your specific needs, we simplify the complex process of real estate investing.



Mahesh & Somya, Tarneit VIC

I was looking for a right advice for investment opportunity and I met Manish. I have been through many of the salespeople, but Manish seems to be very genuine and truthful about everything. He was very prompt in communicating, helpful and reliable. Very down to earth personality. I end up buying 2 property from Manish and advice on cashflow can be more specific.… Read more “Mahesh & Somya, Tarneit VIC”

Mahesh & Somya, Tarneit VIC

Our Services

★One-on-one consultations to understand your financial situation, preferences and objectives
★Comprehensive market research and analysis of current conditions and trends
★Customized investment plans outlining feasible approaches aligned with your goals
★Ongoing support throughout your investment journey from first step to portfolio growth
★Education on all aspects of property investing - risks, rewards, finance, tax, law
★Guidance beyond just property to build your overall wealth creation strategy

Why Clients Choose Us

★Years of experience navigating Australia's complex property market
★Commitment to truly personalized service, not just transactions
★Focus on empowering you to make informed investment decisions
★Realistic outlook on risks as well as rewards of property investing
★Passion for simplifying complex processes and identifying optimal strategies
★Holistic approach to wealth creation encompassing property, finance, tax and law

Success Stories

Our Step-by-Step Process

We guide you through a structured process:

Initial Consultation 

We get to know you and understand your investment goals, finances, and risk tolerance.

Market Research and Analysis 

We thoroughly research market conditions, trends, and projections to inform our recommendations.

Customized Plan Development 

We create a customized investment plan aligned with your goals.

Property Search and Acquisition 

We help identify and acquire suitable investment properties per your goals and budget.

Ongoing Portfolio Management 

We provide ongoing support to optimize portfolio performance over time.

In addition, at every step we offer:

★Education on property investment concepts so you can make informed decisions

★Access to our extensive industry network for useful contacts, insights and opportunities

★Regular progress reviews to ensure your plan stays optimized



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