Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story | A Family Who Lives In the City.

August 19th, 2020

Another story from our clients is this family, let’s say they were sort of new about three to four years in the country and they were settling living close to the city, had a good job, and one of the partners had a good job. So they were doing ok. They were talking to their friends about the property and how does it work?

They said that they wanted to have their own house initially, but because of the schools and the area of choice, they were wanting to live close to the city and they would not have been able to afford it and the right amount of deposit would not have been secured.

So instead, they did a smart thing they talked to other people and they came to us and they wanted to invest in property because at least they will start the investment journey sooner rather than later.
So in our discussions, we would talk about different how we educate them, how the property investment side of things work.

What is the difference between buying a property as their own home and buying it as an investment property? We believe and teach our clients that if they can do property, investing is much better. If the goal is to just secure wealth, you don’t create wealth creation, investment, property, it will be much better for them rather than buying their own house.

So everyone’s situation is different. But these guys were in a position where they couldn’t buy in the area of their choice, but they had to invest somewhere. So what we did was, we help them with different strategies and explain to them how property investment works in Australia. We help them meet with a tax accountant who explained to them how the tax structure works and things like that. Once they were understood and they had a clear vision of how it works, they happily agreed to buy a property with us.

So we held them with all the aspects and, it’s a very good outcome for them as well. They’re probably the owner of a new property in Australia, which is a very good thing. Thank you.