Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story | Bought Property 500K for 400K

August 27th, 2020

Hey guys, I wanted to share a very good story about one of our new clients. They came to know us through a referral party. So what happened was we came to know this property, which was very under market value in Camden. So the going rate at that time for the property, which was a three-bedroom townhouse in Camden was roughly around 520,000 or 500,000.

What we were able to secure because it was one of the stocks that could not be sold by the developer. So it came back on the market. So we were able to secure that lot for the client for just 400,000. Can you imagine that buying a property, which has a market value of around 500,000, but they were able to secure it for around 400,000, plus the other usual cost like small stamps and all that. So that’s a very big amount that is already added at the time of purchase for this particular client. So they can’t be happier. They were very appreciative of what we were able to do.

So for them, there are always options like that, that come up and we like to help our investors to be able to get into those properties as much as quickly as possible. And if we want to make the whole process so small that they love it and they really appreciate what we’re trying to do for them.

So thank you. I’ll share some more stories like that, but for now, that’s it. 

Thank you.