Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story. | Our Clients Refer Us To Them.

August 19th, 2020

Hey guys, in this video, I’m going to share another story for one of our clients who recently purchased a property through us. They work in different areas, both of them in different fields. So what they were currently at is they had one property, which they were living in and had a family.

The other one was they did an investment through their superannuation, which was done with some other company before we met them. And there was sort of okay with their decision and they had some issues, but almost they were pretty okay with what have they achieved. So they were recommended to us by one of our previous clients who recommended their name.

So, what we did was again, like we always do initial meetings and discuss their situation, what they really want, what can be a suitable strategy for them? And it was surprising to know that the previous person didn’t help them invest in a property to equity, which would have been much more. Which would have helped them to be in a much better position if they’ve invested that money about three years ago or something like that.

But regardless we explain to them the process, how it works, the property investment works? How does the financing work? Because we’ve got professionals in each of these areas who can help our clients. So then it’s a step by step process that we follow. Each of our consultants goes through there part of the work.

And then we make the clients comfortable in getting them to know the process, getting to understand a bit more about property investing, side of things, financing and other all the areas like conveyancing and other things that come along with each of the steps. So, in the end, they were happy to but she has a property through us and it was actually under 500,000 on around 470, 480, and also it’s coming to a settlement very soon.

So we have taken over the process. The finance was a little bit you can say a little bit difficult or not straightforward, but with the help of experienced professionals, we were able to secure a loan for the property.

So very happy with the results and, they’ve recommended other people to us as well. So, which is always good and it acts as a testimony of what we are able to do for our clients. Thank you.