Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story | Successful Health Professionals

August 19th, 2020

Hi guys, so today I will share a story of one of our clients who we did business last year, and we met them last year and there were a couple, working in the health background, both of them were health professionals. So they always wanted to invest in property, but due to some circumstances or bad advice, they were not able to do so.

They were stuck in a position where they couldn’t invest. Luckily they saw one of our ads and they responded to that and we met them and we had a niche definite connection straight away and we were able to advise them a lot of things like how property investment works and what other professions they need to have in their team to be able to start their property investment journey.

So one of the first positives was that they said I really like your approach, which is very open and they are able to understand what we are actually talking about. They met a few other people from different companies who were not able to explain to them the way that we were able to explain our processes of systems strategies. They were really comfortable with that kind of a strategy and output that they were getting from us. 

One of the other obstacles they were facing, where they had recently bought a very expensive car and they are regional like all the previous mortgage broker that they were dealing with was not able to get financed for them.

What we did was we took over the case and we saw what can be done in one of our experienced finance professionals, they looked at their scenarios and did a few restructuring of things and we were able to get them a property like finance, as well as the property within their equity.

Then they also express desires, if there is any way that they can buy a property to super then we help them meet one of our recommended financial planners who were able to advise them on the strategy. How to buy a property under SMSF, and after that was clear and done we were able to secure a property for them as well.

So in a short span of time, we signed two properties for them, one in Melbourne and one in Bendigo. Sorting different meats luckily they are actually going to settle. One of them actually coming almost at the same time for settlements which is about two weeks’ time. So a very good result. The Melbourne property goes roughly around 480, so under 500, which is good and the Bendigo property was around 370. 

So the clients are really happy. All of a sudden have three properties altogether, including their own home. But at one stage they were in a situation where they can only have their own home and no other future investment strategies in place or properties in place.

That was a very good outcome and of course, we are happy for them and they are happy with the outcome as well. These are the kinds of results that we bring for our clients. We are happy with that and really want to help people to start their investment journeys as soon as possible.

Thank you.