Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story | The Story of Old Couple.

August 17th, 2020

Okay, another story from one of our clients, a very good couple having, I think one dependent because they’re a bit older in the age they had one property and then one investment property, two properties already before they met us. But they were not willing to invest. Before they thought they can invest in property and they were not willing to do so because they said it would affect their lifestyle.

They didn’t want to work any longer hours because they’ve worked hard in the last 10, 20 years. When we put a strategy in place, we explained to them property investment doesn’t mean that you have to live under your lifestyle or sacrifice all your lifestyle and work even harder than what you already are.

Property investing can be if done correctly and smartly actually helps you with your lifestyle and it’s also going to help you get a certain kind of income later years of life in later years of life. So it’s just the way you design the strategies by putting all these professionals, a tax accountant in place, a mortgage broker in place all of those financial, also financial planner in place.

So all those people work together and then devise a strategy where it helps you with whatever your concern is, cashflow capital growth, a strategy based on that. So in the end, we were able to secure two properties for them, both in Melbourne, one really close to their home. And one in they’re actually in the SMSF through the help of a financial planner.

So. Very good result, very quick result and because we align all these people together to work. The nitty-gritty of investing in property, our main role is to explain to the clients, and then we pick up the work from them. And then we get all these professionals to do their work in the best possible manner, which is the most suitable thing for the client.

So. One property in supervision in a total of four properties they end up with at this stage. We hope in the future as well. We might be able to help them with more after we are able to get some capital growth done in any of their properties. So, and they’ve recommended other people to us, they recommended their kids who are a bit older in their age, not older, like they’re mature enough to pursue property investing.

So all these kinds of results are we are getting for our clients and they’re very happy. The main thing is our intention is right. We want to get good results for the client, do the right thing by our customers. And everything then falls in place very easily. That’s a motto that we work for.

Thank you.