Property Investment in Australia – Our Client’s Success Story – This Single Health Professional

August 20th, 2020

In this video, we’re going to share another story from one of our investors, a single health professional. They had a good amount of savings and they were not married yet. They were single and they were not sure whether they should use the money for property investment or they should just keep the money in the bank.

Then the process for us to find out the situation about the clients and then educate them could be the best possible scenario. They were constrained, that they should buy a home, keep the money in cash or find ways to do property investing. So because they were not settled yet in their life and no kids, no family yet and they’re quite young.

We suggested that it’s better to start investing in property rather than getting a mortgage on your own as a single person which does slow down the process of property investing or buying future properties, which we do explain and educate our clients. So this client was quite switched on.

They got on board with our strategy they said, okay. After thinking, a few weeks, or maybe two weeks they said okay, we are happy to start with the investment process. Then we help them find a good property as well which suited the needs budgets and match their deposit. And now they actually have a property in which they will settle down very soon.

At a young age if you get the right guidance and the right team behind you to get all the things done that’s a really good outcome for clients like these who do not have anyone to guide them through off with all these things. It was a really good outcome and we felt good and they are happy as well. It’s a good outcome for everyone. 

Thank you.