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Raghavan & Aarti, Truganina VIC

How were things going before we met Manish
I didn’t think that I can buy a second property after having my Mortgage. After meeting Manish, I came to know that it is not hard to invest on residential properties however we have to follow the market.

How was your experience with me (him)
It’s great and I’m confident to say that. He knows how it works as he’s in this business for a long time now and the way he explained was very clear.

What results did you experience
100 % positive towards the market and confidence in investing on properties.

Would you recommend Manish to others What results people can get
No doubt about it. I would definitely recommend Manish to others so they can benefit with spreading his knowledge.

Raghavan & Aarti, Truganina VIC

Basil Martin, Roxborough Park VIC

Things were pretty normal for a middle-income person, owing a single property and supporting his family. I have never been ever dreamed of moving in the property market and building a property portfolio.

Manish Azad took time to explain the benefits of building a property portfolio.

My experience dealing with Manish was great. I ended up purchasing an investment property and they are now guiding me to purchase the next property.

I will definitely recommend Manish to others and they could also benefit by building their property portfolio

Basil Martin, Roxborough Park VIC

Surya Kumar, Wantirna VIC

I came to know Mr. Manish Azad when he met me to understand my financial goals and provide advice. He was punctual and came across as a knowledgeable person in the real estate field in which I had limited exposure. He was courteous and asked all the right questions to understand my objectives.

Manish was able to provide practical and workable solutions which I was able to implement without any problems. He was following up regularly to ensure that my needs were being met.

I was able to successfully purchase an investment property which suited my budget, preferred location and type of property.

I would gladly recommend Manish to anyone needing advice in the real estate field, based on my experience with him and I am sure that Manish will be able to provide professional advice and guidance.

I wish him success in his endeavours.

Surya Kumar, Wantirna VIC

Mahesh & Somya, Tarneit VIC

I was looking for a right advice for investment opportunity and I met Manish. I have been through many of the salespeople, but Manish seems to be very genuine and truthful about everything.

He was very prompt in communicating, helpful and reliable. Very down to earth personality.

I end up buying 2 property from Manish and advice on cashflow can be more specific.

I have already recommended my friends to Manish and I am sure people will be satisfied with his service.

Mahesh & Somya, Tarneit VIC

Andrew and Julia, Manor Lakes, VIC

I have been a customer of Manish Azad for almost close to 2 years now. I met him when I was looking for people that could help me with my financial situation at that time, debt problem is one of my concern that time and how to manage my money properly until I met Manish, he totally changed the course of my financial situation and giving us ideas that we thought we could not handle before.

He simplified everything for us, help us in all the confusing details that seems to be endless and now my investment property is complete & I have got the possession), not only that but my second investment property is close to completion.

So, thanks to Manish for providing us guidance and always being there for us when we need him.

Andrew and Julia, Manor Lakes, VIC
Property Investor

Steve and Ginny, Craigieburn VIC

Things before we met Manish were a bit different. We did not have enough idea about investment, especially property investment. He explained everything to us that we needed to know, and we appreciated everything.

The experience with Manish during our interaction was very easy. He was available every time that we needed him to explain anything and everything went according to plan.

The results during the whole process of acquiring our first home investment were positive and the results were achieved within the agreed time. We were happy about that.

We would recommend Manish to anyone wishing to venture into property investment. He has wealthy of information in regards to property investments and he makes sure that the results are achieved within the agreed time.

Steve and Ginny, Craigieburn VIC

About us


At Empire 8 Property investments, we specialize in providing custom-tailored property investment education, consultation and strategies specifically geared towards each individual’s unique financial circumstances, goals and priorities.

The decision to start this company came to my mind when I realized that most of the existing property investment firms are more interested in making profit than they are in helping people build wealth through property investments.

In fact, these other firms focus only on transactions. That’s why they’re only there for their clients when it is time to buy or sell. (I know this because I encountered dozens of them when I was getting started in property investments business).

On the contrary, we stay with our clients at every step of the journey. We start with educating them on everything they need to know about property investment. And then when it’s time for them to invest, we help them with finding the right property, financing, ongoing guidance and more.

When you come to us for our services, you’ll also have our large network of contacts and partners working for you. These partners include finance strategists, tax accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners and the best lending institutions that our competitors don’t have direct access to.

This, together with our personal commitment to every client, our knowledge of the property market, and our experience in helping hundreds of investors, makes us the best in the real-estate industry. It is also the reason our clients get the best results.


  • More control on how your Superannuation money is invested
  • Invest in Physical (Real Estate) asset that you can touch and see
  • No out of pocket expenses to purchase SMSF property (Use existing Superannuation)
  • Rent and Employer contributions fund the loan repayment and holding cost
  • Low or  Zero tax on Rental income and Capital Gains at retirement