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Empire 8 Property provides complete rental property management services so investors like you can focus on your financial objectives. With our expertise, you can maximize returns while minimizing headaches.



Andrew and Julia, Manor Lakes, VIC

I have been a customer of Manish Azad for almost close to 2 years now. I met him when I was looking for people that could help me with my financial situation at that time, debt problem is one of my concern that time and how to manage my money properly until I met Manish,… Read more “Andrew and Julia, Manor Lakes, VIC”

Andrew and Julia, Manor Lakes, VIC
Property Investor

Our Services

We handle all aspects of rental property management including tenant selection, lease execution, rent collection, maintenance coordination, expense payments, and ongoing communication and reporting. Key services include:

★Tenant screening, selection and placement
★Lease preparation and execution
★Rent collection and enforcement
★Maintenance coordination and supervision
★Expense payments and accounting
★Reporting and advice on maximizing ROI
★Ongoing communication with tenants
★Expertise to ensure rental income and tax deductions are optimized
★Peace of mind knowing your property is managed professionally
★Our expertise ensures rental income and tax deductions are optimized while giving you peace of mind that your property is managed professionally.

Why Clients Choose Us

★Don't want the hassle of hands-on rental property management
★Lack time, experience or expertise in property management
★Want to maximize rental income and returns on investment
★Need help finding and selecting good, reliable tenants
★Require assistance enforcing lease terms and collecting rent
★Seek proper maintenance to protect property condition
★Want confidence their investment is managed correctly
★Need guidance and reporting on optimizing profits and taxes
★Desire peace of mind with a trusted rental management partner

Success Stories

Our Step-by-Step Process

We follow a proven process for effective property management:

Tenant Selection

We handle advertising, applicant screening, credit checks and selection.

Lease Execution

We prepare all leases and manage the signing process.

Move-In Inspection

We complete detailed property inspections before move-in.

Rent Collection

We collect and enforce rent payments in a timely manner.

Maintenance Oversight

We coordinate and supervise all maintenance activities.

Expense Management

We ensure property expenses and vendor payments are handled properly.

Reporting and Advice

We provide regular reporting and advice on maximizing ROI.

Tax Deduction Guidance

We offer tax advice to maximize eligible deductions.

Tenant Communications

We act as liaison between you and tenants for questions or issues.

Lease Renewal

We manage lease renewals and extensions for continued occupancy.

Move-Out Inspection

We complete a final inspection after the tenant moves-out.

Tenant Replacement

For vacancies, we advertise, screen applicants and place new tenants.

Ongoing Optimization

We continually assess opportunities to improve profitability.



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