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At Empire 8 Property, our tax specialists provide personalized tax planning and compliance services to help you save, invest wisely, and achieve your financial goals.


Basil Martin, Roxborough Park VIC

Things were pretty normal for a middle-income person, owing a single property and supporting his family. I have never been ever dreamed of moving in the property market and building a property portfolio. Manish Azad took time to explain the benefits of building a property portfolio. My experience dealing with Manish was great. I ended… Read more “Basil Martin, Roxborough Park VIC”

Basil Martin, Roxborough Park VIC

Our Services

We take a comprehensive approach looking at both your current and future financial situation to provide customized strategies focused on growing your wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

★Education on income tax, capital gains tax, investment taxes
★Advice on reducing taxes through proper structuring and planning
★Guidance on tax-efficient investing and wealth creation strategies
★Preparation and filing of accurate, compliant tax returns
★Ongoing support for tax minimization and financial growth
★Tailored recommendations based on your personal financial situation
★Assistance with tax audits and notices if they arise

Why Clients Choose Us

★Want to understand complex Australian tax laws
★Looking to legally minimize taxes
★Need help filing tax returns correctly
★Require advice on tax-efficient investing
★Don't have expertise to structure finances tax-wise
★Want to achieve financial goals tax-efficiently
★Seeking personalized service tailored to their situation

Success Stories

Our Step-by-Step Process

We take a systematic approach to tax planning and wealth creation:

★Tax Education - We explain key tax laws and how they impact your finances.

★Tax Minimization Planning - We create customized plans to legally minimize your taxes.

★Tax-Efficient Investing - We advise you on investing in a tax-efficient manner.

★Proper Financial Structuring - We help structure your finances and assets to reduce taxes.

★Tax Return Preparation - We prepare and file your tax returns accurately and on time.

★Audit Support - If audited, we assist by providing documentation and support.

Ongoing Tax Planning

We continually seek tax planning opportunities as laws and situations change.

Wealth Creation Guidance

Our guidance focuses on growing your wealth in a tax-efficient way.

Income Tax Planning

We advise you on reducing your income tax liability.

Capital Gains Tax Planning

We help you minimize capital gains tax through proper planning.

Investment Tax Planning

We help you optimize taxes on your investments and savings.

Estate Tax Planning

We assist you in minimizing taxes relating to assets passed on after death.

Compliance Checks

We review your tax filings to ensure full compliance with laws.



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